12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

By: Jordan B. Peterson

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In "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos," clinical psychologist and renowned professor Jordan B. Peterson presents a practical guide on how to navigate the path of life with virtue and resilience. It is a journey along the narrow ridge between the twin abysses of order and chaos, on which Peterson instructively offers his twelve commandments, each a beacon to light our way through the murk of the modern world. Each rule is a life raft crafted from his wide-ranging insights, combining ancient wisdom, religious narratives, scientific principles, and personal anecdotes. Peterson tugs at the threads of diverse intellectual traditions, from ancient mythologies to cutting-edge neurobiology, weaving them into a rich tapestry that offers a cohesive and comprehensive blueprint for a meaningful life.

Rule 1: Stand up straight with your shoulders back

At the crux of the first rule is the biological basis of our behavior. Peterson expounds upon the behavior of lobsters, asserting that even these simple creatures abide by hierarchical structures, their posture reflecting their standing. A lobster that exudes confidence, standing tall with its antennae waving proudly, is more likely to climb the dominance hierarchy and be successful. This is analogous to the human world, where a person's perception of their position in society affects their physiological and psychological state.


The game of life can be likened to a grand poker tournament. In each hand, players exhibit their confidence through their posture and expressions, 'bluffing' their way to the top. Yet, there's a profound truth hidden within this theatrical display - by standing tall, they convince not just others, but also themselves of their strength and worth. Just as a poker player’s assertive posture can impact their game, standing up straight with our shoulders back can influence our journey in life, shaping our path, and influencing others’ perceptio...

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