21 Days To A Big Idea

By: Bryan Mattimore

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Our world revolves around ideas - from the tiny spark that ignites a revolution to the gentle nudge that changes the course of a life. In "21 Days To A Big Idea," Bryan Mattimore offers an invigorating roadmap to unlocking that innate creativity within us all. Through a structured, 21-day process, Mattimore promises that any individual, regardless of their background, can birth a groundbreaking idea. The essence of the book lies not in the mere generation of ideas but in fostering the right environment and mindset to nurture them. By blending analytical rigor with playful experimentation, readers are given the tools to not just imagine but to bring their ideas to life. So, ever fancied a brain bubbling with ideas, each more splendid than the last?

A world without ideas is like a sky devoid of stars; it lacks luster, depth, and wonder. Mattimore's approach is rooted in the belief that everyone possesses the potential to be a beacon of innovation. His 21-day challenge is not a rigid set of rules but a dynamic framework, adaptable and versatile, tailored to meet individual needs. Drawing from a plethora of disciplines - psychology, arts, business, and even comedy - he crafts a symphony of exercises, techniques, and anecdotes that stoke the fires of creativity. And guess what? You're invited to the grand performance!

Ever heard of the butterfly effect? A tiny flutter can set off a tornado. Similarly, the smallest idea, when nurtured, can transform industries, societies, and lives. Bryan Mattimore understands this power and has dedicated his book to making sure you do too. He doesn't just hand you a fish; he teaches you the art of fishing in the vast oceans of your mind. With every page, he challenges the reader, not just to think but to question, explore, and, most importantly, to dream. Are you ready to set your thoughts free and watch them soar?

What if you had a magic wand that could weave ideas at will? "21 Days To A Big Idea" is that wand, granting you ...

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