Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice

By: Sharan B. Merriam, Laura L. Bierema

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Let's dive right into the profound world of "Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice" by Sharan B. Merriam and Laura L. Bierema. This gem of a book takes us on a detailed journey into the unique facets of adult learning, separating it distinctly from the learning experiences of our younger years. In a society that often equates learning with youth, Merriam and Bierema illuminate the vibrancy and richness of adult education, blending theoretical foundations with real-world applications. Delving deep, they unravel how our past experiences, cultural contexts, and individual beliefs shape our learning as grown-ups.

Did you ever think of adults as reservoirs of prior knowledge, waiting to be channeled? It's quite the image, isn't it? This book shows us that, contrary to popular belief, adults are not empty vessels to be filled. Rather, they come with a myriad of experiences, stories, and insights that significantly influence their learning journeys. Picture a symphony: each instrument contributes to the final piece, just as every adult brings their own tune to the learning environment. The authors challenge us to rethink our stereotypes and appreciate the beauty of mature learning.

Here's a thought: Do we give enough importance to our past experiences when stepping into new learning environments? The tapestry of our past influences our present perceptions and understandings. This book places a strong emphasis on the role of prior knowledge and experiences in adult learning. It showcases how, by recognizing and valuing these experiences, educators can create more meaningful and impactful learning experiences.

Now, let's think about the various settings where adults learn. From corporate boardrooms to community centers, adults are constantly learning, adapting, and evolving. However, the approaches to facilitate this learning vary widely. Merriam and Bierema provide valuable insights into how educators can bridge the gap between theory and practice, craftin...

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