Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today's Ever-Changing Sales World

By: Jill Konrath

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Dive into the rip-roaring currents of modern sales landscapes with Jill Konrath's eye-opening masterpiece, "Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today's Ever-Changing Sales World". In this remarkable journey, Konrath unravels the DNA of modern selling, explicating the intrinsic need for agility, versatility, and continuous learning in today's volatile and frenetic sales ecosystem. She bridges the gap between antiquated sales practices and the modern dynamic market, like an experienced guide navigating a treacherous chasm. The rhythm of Konrath's wisdom reverberates through each chapter, urging us to unlearn, learn, and relearn, as we sail in the tempest of modern salesmanship.

Konrath paints a vivid picture of the sales world, colored with the hues of incessant change and cutthroat competition. The book serves as an elegy to traditional sales techniques that are now archaic and ineffective, reminiscent of steam trains in the era of bullet trains. Simultaneously, it rings the clarion call to imbibe agility, acting as a lighthouse guiding lost sales professionals towards the shores of relevance and success.

Konrath’s book is a refreshing departure from the monotonous sales literature prevalent today. Like a seasoned storyteller, she weaves the narrative around ‘agility’, a protagonist that is intrepid, resilient, and adaptable. The book elegantly tackles the paradox of needing stability in an environment that is anything but stable, comparing it to a tree that bends but doesn't break in a storm.

"Agile Selling" ignites a revolution in our thinking process, challenging us to step outside the cozy confines of our comfort zones. It’s akin to having a conversation with a wise mentor who, through their stories and insights, empowers you to see the world differently. It’s not just a book about selling, it’s about thriving in a world that is forever on its toes.

Agility as the Key to Success in Sales



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