Brands and Branding (The Economist Series)

By: Rita Clifton

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Immerse yourself in the intricate, vibrant world of "Brands and Branding" by Rita Clifton. This compelling narrative is an expedition into the soul of business identities, revealing the subtle artistry behind a brand's creation and the shrewd strategies steering its lifecycle. The book becomes your compass, guiding you through the terrains of brand value, brand personality, and the influence brands command over consumer behaviour.

As you delve deeper, you will discover that brands, akin to multifaceted gemstones, carry more than just a superficial sheen. They are imbued with emotions, relationships, and even lifestyles, embodying an entity with a personality, a voice, and an essence, mirroring humans. Just as a child morphs into a complex, unique individual with age, a brand, too, evolves, emerging from the chrysalis of ideas, turning into a powerful entity that leaves indelible footprints in the sands of time.

Have you ever paused to consider the power a simple logo, a name, or a tagline can exert? Like a master puppeteer, they make billions dance to their tune, influencing purchasing decisions, affecting economies, and shaping cultures. These branding elements are more than mere ink on paper; they are potent symbols, captivating storytellers, whispering tales of trust, quality, and reliability into the ears of consumers.

Diving into the world of branding isn't merely about swimming amidst these vivid concepts. It also requires you to navigate the treacherous seas of brand challenges. Clifton takes you on this turbulent voyage, uncovering brand pitfalls and shedding light on how to evade them. From combating brand fatigue to resurrecting declining brands, she imparts invaluable wisdom, painting a holistic picture of the brand universe.

Brand as a Business Asset


Rita Clifton posits that a brand is not just a cosmetic veneer but a potent business asset. Just as the heart pumps life into our bodies, ...

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