Breakthrough Selling: Customer-Building Strategies from the Best in the Business

By: Barry Farber and Joyce Wycoff

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Immerse yourself in a sea of wisdom and experience in the realm of sales and customer building strategies with "Breakthrough Selling: Customer-Building Strategies from the Best in the Business" penned by Barry Farber and Joyce Wycoff. Sailing in this sea, you'll find yourself whisked away by powerful currents of expert insights, industry-tested strategies, and richly woven case studies. Do you ever wonder how the most successful sales professionals achieve their dizzying levels of performance? Like a detective piecing together the intricacies of a complex case, this book guides you through the labyrinth of sales mastery, dispelling the fog that often shrouds the path to breakthrough success.

Did you know the road to customer-building mastery can be as engaging and thrilling as the roller coaster ride at your favorite amusement park? Just imagine yourself buckled up in a car, ascending the steep track of understanding, gathering speed as you dive into real-world applications, and twisting and turning through the loops of problem-solving techniques. Farber and Wycoff promise you a fun and fascinating journey where each twist and turn delivers a new perspective, a fresh approach to selling that you might have overlooked before.

Ever wish you could turn on a flashlight that illuminates the often dark and mysterious world of sales? "Breakthrough Selling" does just that! It lights up the path by introducing you to the strategies employed by the best in the business, allowing you to step out of the shadows of uncertainty. It might tickle your curiosity: What sets the most accomplished sales professionals apart? What secrets do they hold that others don't? This book promises to unravel these mysteries one by one.

What if you could have a personal mentor, an experienced guide to lead you through the wild jungle of customer-building strategies? "Breakthrough Selling" offers just that! It takes you by the hand and walks you step-by-step through the process. Your gu...

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