Businesses Don't Fail - They Commit Suicide

By: Larry Mandelberg

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Businesses often come to life as the brainchild of a passionate visionary, eager to conquer the world. Yet, not all stories unfold as fairy tales. "Businesses Don't Fail - They Commit Suicide" by Larry Mandelberg unveils the lesser-known internal threats that silently creep in, toppling even the mightiest of empires. A deep dive into the realm of corporate world, the book is not just an autopsy of businesses that met a premature end but also a clarion call, urging organizations to remain vigilant and resilient.

Mandelberg elucidates that it's not always the competition or changing market dynamics that can spell doom for a company; more often than not, it's the internal missteps. From leadership blunders to employee apathy, these mistakes often fester unnoticed until they've caused irreparable damage. Drawing on extensive research and personal experiences, Mandelberg paints a vivid picture of these business pitfalls. He underscores the importance of introspection, a practice that most businesses overlook, to their detriment.

Now, imagine if a ship's crew, instead of navigating stormy waters, started drilling holes in the hull. That's how businesses self-destruct. The internal conflicts, unchecked ego clashes, and shortsighted decisions are akin to these self-inflicted holes, causing enterprises to sink. A ship is only as good as its crew, and a business is only as successful as its leaders and employees.

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast


At the core of every organization is its culture - an invisible force shaping behaviors, decisions, and overall ethos. Mandelberg posits that even the most robust strategies falter when pitted against a toxic culture. Just as a tree is only as strong as its roots, a business thrives or dies based on its foundational values.

Picture a castle, strong and majestic, but built on quicksand. That's a company with a fantastic strategy but poor culture. It might appear u...

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