Close the Deal: The Sandler Sales Institute's 7 Step System for Successful Selling

By: Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman

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Immerse yourself in the wondrous world of 'Close the Deal: The Sandler Sales Institute's 7 Step System for Successful Selling' by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman, a jewel of a book that transforms the daunting landscape of sales into a systematized, straightforward process. Picture a puzzle, each piece representing a concept or strategy. Now, imagine the feeling of satisfaction when all the pieces fall into place to form a comprehensive picture of the Sandler Sales Institute's system. This book not only solves the puzzle but takes you on an insightful journey, revealing how every piece interacts to close deals effectively and efficiently.

Imagine a delicious seven-layer dip, each layer contributing to the rich flavor of the entire dish. Each chapter in this book symbolizes one such layer, harmonizing beautifully with the others to create a flavorful, fulfilling sales system. By infusing theory with practical techniques, the authors create a multi-dimensional approach to selling that targets all aspects, from the art of communication to the science of negotiating. Dive deep into this treasure trove of knowledge and witness how the seemingly mundane task of selling can transform into an orchestrated symphony of skills.

Have you ever attempted a Rubik's cube? You twist, turn, and align each piece to bring order to what seems like chaos. The authors compare the sales process to solving a Rubik's cube. Each step, or move, must be calculated, strategized, and executed with precision. The book elaborates on the seven steps of the Sandler Sales system, each building on the other, taking you closer to closing that elusive deal.

Consider the symphony of a fine-tuned machine. Each cog and gear moves synchronously, turning a series of individual processes into a harmonious sequence. That’s exactly how the Sandler Sales Institute's 7-step system operates. Every step corresponds to a unique action within the sales process, and together, they form a well-oiled sales machiner...

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