Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values

By: Fred Kofman

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Plunge headfirst into the realm of "Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values," a luminous guide by the visionary Fred Kofman. The book weaves a tale of transformative business ethics, instilling in its readers a deep understanding of the profound interconnection between personal values and business success. It encourages a radical shift, breaking free from the traditional molds of corporate thinking and inviting readers to see the world from a different perspective. Imagine having a vantage point where you're not just observing the interplay of values and business from a distance but actively participating in its creation and molding its direction.

Ever wondered how values could build value? Kofman enlightens us with his holistic approach towards businesses. He bridges the gap between the seemingly contradictory spheres of profit-making and ethical conduct. Picture yourself walking on a tightrope where values and profits form the two ends; Kofman serves as a guiding light, helping us maintain equilibrium while traversing this challenging path.

Kofman's approach might strike you as peculiar at first, akin to trying to blend water and oil. You might wonder, can a company really be profitable without stepping over ethical lines? Yet, as the book unfolds, the once unfathomable becomes conceivable. Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Kofman reveals how the magic of conscious business can be distilled into practical steps and implemented in real-world scenarios.

Through enlightening anecdotes and case studies, Kofman draws out the book's core principles. His stories act as a compass, pointing readers towards the path of conscious business. Think of these principles as a star-studded sky, each star offering light to a path less taken, guiding the brave traveler towards the dawn of conscious business.

Transcending the Ego


At the heart of Kofman's teaching lies the idea of transcendi...

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