Conversational Intelligence

By: Judith Glaser

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Conversational Intelligence by Judith Glaser dives deep into the neural pathways of conversation, revealing how words shape our reality and determine the quality of our relationships. Glaser paints a compelling portrait of how conversations can either foster trust and intimacy or create distress and disconnection. Drawing upon her extensive expertise in organizational anthropology and coaching, she equips readers with a toolkit to navigate any conversation, no matter how challenging. With wit and wisdom, Glaser unveils the transformative power of conversational intelligence, asserting that it's not merely about exchanging words, but about co-creating new realities.

Ever walked into a forest and noticed how trees seemingly communicate, sharing nutrients and offering support to one another? Glaser suggests that human conversations have a similar subtext; they are an ecosystem where understanding and emotions flow. Words are like roots, intertwining, nurturing, and sometimes strangling, shaping the very ground we stand upon. Through conversational intelligence, we can learn to cultivate a thriving conversational landscape, where words enrich rather than deplete.

Now, think of your conversations as an intricate dance. Every step, every gesture carries meaning. But do you lead, follow, or step on toes? Recognizing the patterns of your conversational dance allows you to adjust, ensuring harmonious interactions, where both parties feel seen and valued.

As you delve into Glaser's insights, consider the rivers of conversation you navigate daily. Some may be calm and nurturing, while others are turbulent. Reflect on the bridges and dams you've constructed with your words. Which of these serve you, and which might require redesigning? How can you employ conversational intelligence to build stronger bridges and navigate challenging waters?

Neurochemistry of Conversations


Conversations influence our brain's neu...

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