Creating Great Choices

By: Roger Martin

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In "Creating Great Choices," Roger Martin explores the challenging landscape of decision-making in a world brimming with complex dilemmas. Rather than viewing decision-making as a binary process—choosing between A or B—he presents a transformative perspective that celebrates the fusion of multiple possibilities. The author prompts us to reconsider our long-standing convictions and prejudices about choices, reminding us that the best decisions often come from integrating diverse options. Martin’s refreshing take combines theory with hands-on tools, ensuring we're equipped to navigate this intricate terrain.

Have you ever been caught between the rocky shores of a hard place and the rough sea of a rock? Martin likens this to our conventional approach to choices, where we're often entrapped in the duality of either-or thinking. However, he suggests we harness the expansive power of 'and,' paving a path for innovative outcomes. By shifting our mindset from seeking a single right answer to merging multiple perspectives, we foster an environment where creativity flourishes.

Recall those contemplative moments, sitting alone, mulling over an important decision. Does the weight of the world seem to rest on your shoulders? Martin's insights urge you to think beyond the confines of your individual perspective. By embracing collective intelligence and diverse viewpoints, you enrich your decision-making arsenal, enhancing the potential for groundbreaking solutions.

Friendly reminder: Life isn't a solitary game of chess where each move is meticulously calculated in isolation. It's more like a lively party, where vibrant discussions and interactions lead to unexpected and delightful outcomes. Embracing this ethos, Martin's methodology encourages us to engage in integrative thinking. By intertwining different ideas, we don't just settle for compromises; we co-create choices that are more than the sum of their parts.

Integrative Thinking


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