Disciplined Dreaming

By: Josh Linkner

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Disciplined Dreaming by Josh Linkner is a magnum opus that dives into the realm of creativity in the business world. Linkner, with his fine-tuned wit, advocates for a structured approach to creativity, challenging the misconception that it’s an unbridled, uncontrollable force. Rather than seeing creativity as a mere splash of color on a canvas, he depicts it as a structured masterpiece that, with the right techniques, can be harnessed by anyone. In a world that's rapidly changing, the need for innovation and creative problem-solving has never been more crucial. But how can one consistently bring fresh ideas to the table in a structured manner?

Enter Disciplined Dreaming. Like a seasoned chef, Linkner presents a five-step process for creative problem-solving, taking readers on a delightful culinary journey. From selecting the right ingredients (identifying the problem) to plating up a Michelin-star dish (implementing the solution), he serves up delectable insights on creativity. Has the thought ever crossed your mind that perhaps creativity is an inherited trait? Well, let me ask you this - have you ever thought of a grandparent’s old radio as a precursor to today’s streaming services? This analogy illustrates how seemingly disparate elements can be connected, fostering deeper understanding and creative insight.

In the vast theater of business, your role might be analogous to that of a director, an actor, or even a stagehand. No matter where you stand, understanding the structured art of creativity is crucial. The spotlight doesn’t always shine on the loudest voice; often, it highlights those who bring unique, methodical solutions to the stage.

Harnessing disciplined dreaming isn’t just about improving your business strategies. It's about redesigning the narrative of your life, adding hues of innovation to personal experiences, and sculpting dreams with a chisel of discipline. By adopting Linkner's approach, not only can you elevate your professional jour...

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