Emotional Agility

By: Susan David

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Emotional Agility by Susan David plunges deep into the ocean of human emotions, unraveling their complexity and steering readers through their tumultuous waves. We all, at some point, find ourselves ensnared by rigid mindsets, which, although might provide momentary solace, eventually leave us feeling stagnant. This book dismantles the myth that emotions are roadblocks and instead pitches them as compasses. Navigating this ocean requires a new form of dexterity, what David calls 'Emotional Agility', a pivotal skill for those aiming to swim rather than sink.

We've all been on a roller coaster, haven't we? The anticipation, the fear, the exhilaration—it’s a lot like our emotions. Sometimes they take us on a thrilling ride, and other times, they seem uncontrollable. David argues that instead of clamping down on these emotions, or letting them run wild, we must develop a kind of flexibility with them. By doing so, we can harness their energy for our benefit, rather than being paralyzed by them.

Now, imagine a life where instead of feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, you're dancing with them—a tango of resilience and grace. Doesn't that sound enticing? The crux of the book hinges on the belief that it's not about controlling emotions but rather navigating them. This is not a sprint; it's a marathon, requiring endurance, patience, and a touch of rhythm.

In this world saturated with self-help jargon and fleeting happiness recipes, David's perspective is refreshing. She doesn't promise a life devoid of pain or struggle. Instead, she offers a lens to view them differently, urging readers to engage with emotions genuinely and not just rush for an emotional "quick-fix". As we dig deeper, let's explore the golden nuggets that David has scattered throughout the book.

Showing Up


Our emotional landscape is vast, and we often wear masks to navigate it, hiding or suppressing feelings we deem undesirable. David u...

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