By: Martin Seligman

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Flourish by Martin Seligman dives deep into the realms of positive psychology, pushing beyond mere happiness. Seligman addresses human fulfillment and what it truly means to thrive. He introduces the innovative PERMA model, which stands for Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement. This model, he argues, forms the cornerstone of human flourishing, emphasizing a holistic approach to well-being.

While happiness can often be fleeting and elusive, the true measure of a well-lived life is how we flourish. Flourishing doesn't solely rely on feeling good; it encompasses the broader spectrum of life's experiences. The book offers a refreshing perspective on positive psychology, pivoting from traditional mental health paradigms that focus on alleviating suffering, to proactive approaches that cultivate strengths and virtues. This shift redefines success and challenges our understanding of mental well-being.

Our journey with Seligman unravels how individuals and communities can move beyond the mere pursuit of happiness to genuine thriving. He elucidates through extensive research and relatable anecdotes how the PERMA model can be integrated into educational systems, workplaces, and our daily lives. Readers are guided on a transformative exploration of what makes life worth living, emphasizing a blend of joy, purpose, and resilience.

With the ever-evolving understanding of human psychology, Flourish comes as a revelation. It draws attention to the essence of human existence, urging readers to redefine what success and well-being truly mean. It's not about fleeting moments of joy but about embracing life in its entirety, challenges, and all, and finding meaning in the journey.

Positive Emotion


Positive emotions act as the bedrock of our daily experiences. They're not just fleeting moments of joy or pleasure, but powerful catalysts that can trigger broader cognitive functions, like...

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