By: John Ruhlin

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Giftology by John Ruhlin delves deep into the heart of generous gifting, not merely as a transaction, but as a transformative practice that enriches relationships and businesses alike. Ruhlin cleverly combines his personal anecdotes with empirical data to paint a holistic picture of gifting's potential. Imagine being at a party where everyone is engrossed in mundane chatter, then someone brings in a thoughtful gift, and the atmosphere shifts – that's the magic Ruhlin discusses. Through relatable examples, he demonstrates that the act of giving isn't just about the object itself, but the intent, thought, and timing behind it.

Have you ever received a gift that made your heart skip a beat, not because of its monetary value, but its emotional resonance? This book unravels the psychology behind such instances. Gifting, as Ruhlin portrays, isn’t just a matter of wrapping a present; it’s an art, a science, and most importantly, a journey into understanding human emotions and connections. Through a blend of wit and wisdom, the author takes us on a ride, echoing the sentiments of ancient traditions where gifting was a sacred act.

Now, consider our modern corporate world, dominated by transactional interactions. Ruhlin challenges this notion, advocating for gifting as a powerful tool to foster long-lasting relationships, both professionally and personally. His central premise? Generosity is not just an act, but a philosophy, a culture, and a strategy that can drive success. This is not just about Christmas or birthdays; it’s about recognizing moments, big or small, to make someone feel valued.

Through the prism of gifting, Ruhlin redefines success. It’s not about accumulating wealth or achieving personal milestones, but about cultivating relationships and touching lives through genuine acts of generosity. As he presents various scenarios, anecdotes, and strategies, he provokes readers to introspect: Are we gifting because we have to, or because we genuinely want ...

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