Good Strategy Bad Strategy

By: Richard Rumelt

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Diving deep into the intricate world of strategy, Richard Rumelt presents "Good Strategy Bad Strategy," a masterpiece that enlightens readers about the subtle differences between a strategy that works and one that falls flat. Drawing from years of experience, Rumelt introduces us to the true essence of strategy, shedding light on its often misunderstood nature. He paints a vivid picture of how a robust strategy looks like while exposing the fluff that many mistake as strategy. From boardrooms to battlefields, this book is a voyage that invites readers to re-think their preconceived notions about strategy.

A good strategy, according to Rumelt, is not just a wish-list. It is a calculated, coherent plan that sees far into the future, diagnoses the obstacles, and maps out actionable steps. On the flip side, a bad strategy is vague and undefined, driven by high-sounding words that lack substance. Many have fallen into the trap of crafting bad strategies, often masked by jargon, leaving organizations directionless.

Ever heard the saying, "All that glitters is not gold"? In the strategic landscape, this holds true. Not all verbose plans, glittering with corporate buzzwords, translate to successful strategies. Rumelt urges the reader to be discerning, to dig deeper, and to recognize the difference. And in doing so, he offers tools and frameworks to craft a strategy that stands the test of time.

Question time! How often do you come across strategies that seem impressive at first but crumble upon closer examination? This book equips you to dissect strategies, understanding their strengths and weaknesses. It’s like handing you a magnifying glass, allowing you to discern the real from the fake.

Diagnosing Challenges


Every strategy begins with recognizing the challenges ahead. Rumelt emphasizes that a clear-headed diagnosis is the bedrock of a good strategy. It’s like being a detective, analyzing the crime sce...

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