Great Business Teams

By: Howard Guttman

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Great Business Teams by Howard Guttman takes readers on a voyage through the mechanics of constructing and nurturing superior teams within a corporate landscape. Guttman employs a mosaic of case studies, insights, and empirical evidence to unveil the vital ingredients that foster highly effective teams. Ever thought of business dynamics as being similar to a symphony, where each member plays a role to create a harmonious outcome? Dive in, as Guttman crafts an engaging melody of knowledge. He posits that it's not just the brilliance of individual members that guarantees success but the collective synergy and interplay.

Imagine a world where each corporate decision, major or minor, resonates with the energy of multiple thought leaders converging. A space where disagreements metamorphose into innovative solutions, and where members do not just participate but are intricately woven into the team's DNA. This isn't a utopian dream. Guttman asserts it's a tangible reality, within arm's reach, provided businesses are equipped with the right strategies and the tenacity to implement them.

Guttman's prose, rich in examples and bursting with enthusiasm, feels like a hearty conversation with a mentor over a cup of coffee. Picture yourself deeply engrossed, nodding in agreement, and occasionally punctuating the discourse with an "Aha!" moment. The prose is punctuated with real-life narratives, helping readers relate, reflect, and recalibrate their team dynamics.

Why do some teams soar while others flounder? Is there a secret formula? Is it art, science, or both? Guttman deftly marries the two, building an intriguing narrative that feels like both a manual and a tale of adventures. As he peels off the layers, ten core ideas emerge, waiting to be explored.

Trust is the bedrock


Teams without trust resemble houses of cards, destined to collapse at the faintest gust of wind. In Guttman's perspective, trust is the inv...

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