Great by Choice

By: Jim Collins

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Great by Choice is a thought-provoking delve into the factors that enable some organizations to thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and achieve greatness. Drawing upon rigorous research, Collins examines why some companies become great while others with the same potential falter.

So, have you ever wondered what distinguishes the ships that weather fierce storms and turbulent waters from those that sink? This book, penned by Jim Collins, offers enlightening insights into just that. It's not about luck or fortuitous circumstances, but conscious, deliberate choices that certain leaders make. Guided by a lantern of empirical evidence, Collins sheds light on the practices, values, and decisions that make organizations not just good, but great.

At the core of this tome is a challenge to the conventional wisdom that only agile and nimble organizations can adapt in fast-paced times. Collins emphasizes the marriage of agility with a paradoxical blend of rigorous discipline. It's akin to a ballerina – graceful and fluid, yet grounded by an intense discipline that's invisible to the naked eye. The question then, for any aspiring enterprise or individual, becomes: How can I tap into this potent blend of flexibility and discipline?

Indeed, in this whirlwind of unpredictable global events, there's an undercurrent that Collins identifies. He suggests it's not the external environment that determines success, but rather how we respond to it. And this response is more about rigorous discipline, empirical creativity, and paranoia-fueled preparation than purely innovative endeavors. Picture two climbers on a treacherous mountain; one equipped with tools and meticulously planned routes, the other relying solely on instinct. Who would you bet on?

Disciplined Innovation


In "Great by Choice," innovation isn't just about wild creativity; it's framed by discipline. Companies that flourish often engage in consistent, small i...

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