Happy Hour is 9 to 5

By: Alexander Kjerulf

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Dive into "Happy Hour is 9 to 5" by Alexander Kjerulf, and you're met with a refreshingly unconventional approach to the world of work. Here's a radical notion: What if our job, that place we spend so many of our waking hours, could also be a primary source of happiness? Kjerulf lays down a compelling roadmap to a more fulfilling professional life, arguing that happiness at work isn't just a luxury, but an absolute necessity for personal and business success. Can you imagine a world where the buzz of the "Happy Hour" is not limited to an evening escapade but resonates throughout our 9 to 5?

The Definition of Work Happiness


Kjerulf redefines happiness at work, dismissing fleeting moments of joy and emphasizing sustained contentment. We aren't merely chasing after the next promotion or the bigger paycheck, but a profound sense of purpose and satisfaction in our daily tasks. Ever watched a child engrossed in play, completely lost in the joy of the moment? That's the kind of happiness Kjerulf speaks of - not childish, but pure, profound, and attainable in the realm of our careers.

For an analogy, think of a long, leisurely meal with friends. The pleasure isn't just in the dessert at the end but in every course, every sip, every conversation. Similarly, work happiness is not about the end goal but the journey.

Reflect on this: Are you merely enduring your job, counting down to the weekend? Or are you genuinely relishing it, finding pockets of joy in tasks, big or small?

Consider planting seeds of joy in your daily tasks. Simple gestures, like complimenting a colleague or taking a moment to relish a task well done, can cultivate a garden of work happiness.

The Power of Positive Feedback

We often underestimate the power of a simple "Thank You" or "Well Done." Kjerulf stresses that positive feedback not only boosts morale but also drives performance. Think of it as sunlight for a plant. Without it,...

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