Herding Tigers

By: Todd Henry

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As you venture into the vibrant jungle of "Herding Tigers," Todd Henry expertly unravels the intricacies of leading creative teams. In the vast wilderness of business management, where many leaders are left stumbling, Henry illuminates a path. He emphasizes that while managing individuals can be like herding cats, leading creatives is more akin to herding tigers: powerful, independent, and in their element, yet needing direction.

Creativity thrives in an environment where individuals are given the freedom to explore but also understand the limits. While some leaders resort to cages, Henry proposes the opposite. Recognizing the majestic nature of these 'tigers,' he suggests creating an environment where they can roam, but with clear boundaries. Think of it as a safari: It's an adventure, but one where you must stay on the trail.

In navigating the wilderness, trust becomes the compass. To truly guide a team of spirited and passionate individuals, leaders must foster mutual trust. It's not about dominating the tigers but walking alongside them. With the right balance of challenge and security, the creative prowess of these beasts can be fully unleashed.

Lastly, Henry beautifully captures the essence of adaptability. In a terrain as dynamic as creativity, a rigid roadmap won't suffice. Leaders must be agile, always ready to adapt and pivot, ensuring their team remains inspired and on track. It's about setting the stage, not scripting every scene.

Nurturing Creativity


Diving deep into the first main idea, Todd underscores the significance of nurturing creativity rather than stifling it. Every individual's creativity is like a fragile flame that needs the right fuel and environment. It's not merely about giving free rein but providing the right kind of encouragement and resources.

Imagine a greenhouse. It's meticulously designed to let in just the right amount of sunlight, providing a conducive envir...

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