I, Human

By: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

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In the world where AI and machines are steadily taking center stage, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic's "I, Human" throws a compelling spotlight on the uniqueness and irreplaceability of human intelligence. Weaving intricate patterns between the strengths of artificial intelligence and the innate potential of human psyche, the book challenges the common fear of machines surpassing human capacities. Instead, it highlights the nuanced dimensions of emotions, intuition, and creativity that remain human domains. With an array of real-life examples and thought-provoking narratives, the author makes us ponder – in this race with machines, is it not about competing, but rather understanding our strengths?

The Essence of Being Human


At the core of Chamorro-Premuzic's arguments is the undeniable essence of human individuality. Just as a computer relies on codes and programs, the human mind thrives on emotions, feelings, and experiences. But imagine, if our brains were computers, wouldn't life be a mere series of coded events? The depth of human experiences, our joys, sorrows, and the inexplicable understanding of the world around us set us apart.

Have you ever observed a butterfly flitting around a garden? In a way, humans are like butterflies in the vast garden of life, each unique, with our patterns and trajectories, while machines can be likened to the structured, unchanging paths of a train track. We are free, unpredictable, and dynamic; machines, no matter how advanced, have preset boundaries.

Take a moment to reflect: as an innovator, educator, entrepreneur, or whichever hat you wear, isn't it the essence of being human that gives depth to your role? Your emotions, your ability to empathize, and the way you intuitively grasp nuances – aren't these what add value to what you do?

To harness this essence in the world of work and life, be ever-curious. Feed your intellect, but don't starve your emotions. Connect ...

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