Killing Marketing: How Innovative Businesses Are Turning Marketing Cost Into Profit

By: Joe Pulizzi, Robert Rose

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Picture yourself aboard a ship called 'Traditional Marketing', traversing familiar waters for decades. Suddenly, you glimpse an unexpected island on the horizon, named "Killing Marketing", which promises a utopia of profit from marketing cost. Penned by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, the book charts an innovative course where marketing is no longer a mere expense but a revenue-generating machine. Our authors, like skilled mariners, decode the winds of change and mark a pathway, through the fog of conventional thinking, to this unexplored territory.

It’s like this, imagine the marketing world as a giant sports stadium, filled with dedicated fans and energetic teams playing the same old game. This book, however, beckons you towards a revolutionary new sport where the rules are rewritten, boundaries are stretched, and profit is the primary goal. Pulizzi and Rose serve as your commentators, guiding you play by play through this new game, armed with fresh tactics and strategies to score the big wins.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an archaeologist, uncovering hidden relics and piecing together historical puzzles? Reading "Killing Marketing" is akin to such an adventure, as the authors systematically unearth and brush away the dust from misconceived notions about marketing. They invite you on an intellectual dig into the buried potential of marketing, helping you unmask its untapped wealth-generating capacity.

If traditional marketing is a well-rehearsed symphony, "Killing Marketing" is an improv jazz session, playing a unique, harmonious melody of innovation and profit. The authors orchestrate a blend of case studies, practical applications, and critical analyses into a beautiful composition, where every note echoes the possibility of transforming marketing into a profitable venture.

Redefining Marketing's Purpose


Kicking off, Pulizzi and Rose challenge the accepted definition of marketing, a...

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