More Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Sellers

By: Jill Konrath

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Gather round, friends, let's embark on a journey with "More Sales, Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today's Crazy-Busy Sellers" by Jill Konrath. Picture this: a road map with hidden shortcuts to sales success, well-illuminated and paved by Konrath herself. Tracing her footsteps, we traverse the challenging landscape of contemporary sales, seeking to not only increase our success rate but to do so while preserving precious time. She challenges the notion that more time spent means more sales made, instead painting a vibrant picture of a sales world where efficiency and strategy reign supreme.

Now, imagine a sales world that is analogous to a bustling city. Every corner is filled with distractions, obstacles, and traffic jams in the form of emails, meetings, and demanding clients. Sound familiar? Yet, Jill insists that amidst this chaos, there exists a serene path of efficiency and productivity. She masterfully guides us through the art of selling smarter, not harder, exploiting the hidden nooks and crannies of the sales metropolis, bypassing gridlock and reaching the desired destination faster.

Our role in this scenario? We are the busy city-dwellers, the salespeople constantly rushing, always on the move. Konrath teaches us how to slow down, cut the noise, and focus on what truly matters. She presents sales as a strategic game rather than a frantic race, transforming us from harried salespeople into composed sales strategists.

Let's cut to the chase. It's about enriching our sales life and enhancing our performance while reclaiming lost time. By adopting the techniques that Jill offers, we have the potential to metamorphose from being simple sellers to becoming masters of sales strategy, fully equipped to navigate the complex sales cityscape.

Recognize and Eliminate Time Wasters


Our first destination in Konrath's map to sales efficiency is understanding the importance of recognizing an...

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