Positive Intelligence

By: Shirzad Chamine

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Embark on a riveting journey of self-discovery and harnessing inner power with Shirzad Chamine’s illuminating book, "Positive Intelligence." The author masterfully orchestrates a path where readers can elevate their personal and professional lives through the art of cultivating positive intelligence. Chamine meticulously explains how one's PQ (positive intelligence quotient) can be a monumental factor in achieving success, emphasizing that nurturing your PQ can steer you towards a life filled with joy and devoid of self-sabotaging behaviors. Drawing from a rich background in neuroscience, psychology, and coaching, the book serves as a beacon guiding you through the fog of negative self-talk and into the illuminating embrace of a positive mind-space.

Now, envision a garden brimming with vibrant flowers, a symbol of a nourished and thriving mind. This garden is your mind, and "Positive Intelligence" is the adept gardener teaching you how to weed out the destructive patterns, encouraging the bloom of positivity. Utilizing a blend of scientific facts and real-life anecdotes, Chamine unveils the sagacious path of substituting frantic stress with a harmonized, joyous living. It goes beyond the superficial teachings of self-help, diving deep into practical techniques for nurturing a mind that is both happy and successful.

Chamine entices readers into a world where the powers of self-awareness and self-control hold the reins to a gratifying life. He meticulously maps out pathways to elevate one's PQ, shedding light on the detrimental effects of succumbing to one's internal saboteurs. With a compelling narrative interspersed with profound insights, he portrays the incredible benefits accrued from mastering the art of "positive intelligence." This novel perspective offers readers a toolset brimming with transformative exercises aimed at nurturing an oasis of calm within oneself amidst the chaos of the outer world.

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