Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

By: Seth Godin

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Venturing into the realm of marketing lore and business wizardry, Seth Godin's "Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable" is an instructive guide teeming with innovative insights. Godin presents a compelling narrative around the need to be 'remarkable', introducing the concept of the 'Purple Cow' - a metaphor for the exceptional and unique value proposition that every business should aim to possess. Breaking free from the confines of traditional marketing methods, Godin champions for disruptive and creative strategies that can cut through the noise in the ever-dense market landscape.

In this barnstorming exploration, Godin underscores the inadequacy of 'safe' in today's business world. Playing it safe, he posits, is a dangerous game of stagnation, resulting in a business losing its relevance and being drowned out by the uproar of 'Purple Cows'. He implores companies to adopt a daring stance, embrace risk, and above all, become remarkable in their offerings, making their mark as the 'Purple Cow' amidst a field of mundane black and white.

Risk and Remarkability


Godin commences his lesson by placing emphasis on the symbiotic relationship between risk and remarkability. As he elucidates, the comfort of the known is a major stumbling block for businesses to become 'purple'. Instead, he calls for the embrace of uncertainty and the courage to risk failure in pursuit of creating something remarkable. The risk, Godin contends, is not in being different, but in being the same as everyone else.

If you envision businesses as ships navigating the vast ocean of commerce, most prefer to sail along established trade routes, striving for safety and predictability. However, Godin suggests that to create a 'Purple Cow', businesses must willingly venture into uncharted waters, braving the unknown with a steadfast vision of discovering new, remarkable lands.

So, in your role, imagine yourself as a bold e...

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