Sales EQ: How Ultra High Performers Leverage Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to Close the Complex Deal

By: Jeb Blount

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Immerse yourself in the enlightening pages of Jeb Blount's "Sales EQ," a bible for the aspiring salesman, where he divulges the secrets of the elite - those who possess a sales-specific emotional intelligence that propels them to unparalleled heights. It’s not just about understanding the product and mastering sales techniques; it’s about cultivating relationships, recognizing emotional cues, and reacting adeptly in diverse situations. Is it a God-given talent or something teachable? Here's a twist – it's a concoction of both! And that's what Blount elegantly reveals in this book – the art of harnessing emotional intelligence to navigate the labyrinth of complex sales.

Have you ever seen a master chef in action? Every ingredient, every nuance of flavour, every intricate technique is essential in concocting a gastronomic masterpiece. Similarly, Blount asserts that sales, much like culinary art, is not merely about following a recipe. Instead, it thrives on emotional acuity, ingenuity, and finesse. He introduces us to the world of Ultra High Performers (UHPs), salespeople who leverage their heightened emotional intelligence to outpace their peers. Do you have a taste for success? Then gear up to delve into the secret sauce of sales - the 'Sales EQ'.

Imagine you're standing in a gallery filled with impressionist paintings. Each brush stroke, color palette, and pattern used by the artist creates a particular emotional response. Now, think of this in terms of sales. How can you paint a picture that evokes a desired emotional response from your client? And how do you tap into your own emotions to construct this masterpiece? This is where the power of emotional intelligence comes into play - a significant part of Blount's message.

Toss aside your preconceived notions of a typical salesperson - aggressive, manipulative, and self-serving. The new era demands a different archetype - the empathetic, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent salesperson who can adapt t...

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