Sales Scripts that Sell: On the Road . . . On the Phone

By: Teri Sjodin

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Delving into the world of selling, "Sales Scripts that Sell: On the Road . . . On the Phone" by Teri Sjodin reveals the art and science behind successful sales techniques. The author, a well-regarded sales consultant, dissects the tools and strategies that can make or break a sale, offering both seasoned professionals and novices an insightful exploration of the sales landscape. From face-to-face encounters on the road to telephone conversations, Sjodin uncovers the power of well-crafted scripts and effective communication.

Teri Sjodin presents the complex process of selling as a delicate interplay of words, emotions, and body language. Guiding the reader through real-world examples, she illuminates the core principles that underpin successful sales strategies. This is not just a book about rehearsing lines; it's about understanding your audience, tapping into their needs, and using that knowledge to guide them toward a beneficial decision. Here, selling is not manipulation, but the mutual journey towards satisfaction and success.

The author dives deep into the human aspect of sales, emphasizing empathy, storytelling, and problem-solving. These soft skills, combined with technical know-how and script perfection, come together to form a masterclass in the sales arena. Throughout the book, Sjodin provides tools, templates, and tips, ensuring that readers don’t just understand the concepts but can implement them in real-life scenarios.

Lastly, "Sales Scripts that Sell" isn't only about what to say; it's about how to say it. Timing, tone, and delivery form a triad that the author masterfully explains. From avoiding common pitfalls to adapting on the fly, the book serves as a comprehensive guide to the rhythm and dance of a sale, fostering growth and confidence in the reader.

The Importance of Structured Sales Scripts


Understanding the significance of structured sales scripts, Teri Sjodin draws a map th...

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