Selling to Big Companies

By: Jill Konrath

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In "Selling to Big Companies," author Jill Konrath tackles the formidable challenge of breaking into large organizations and making successful sales. Using her wealth of experience, Konrath provides a blueprint for understanding the mindset of big companies and outlines strategies to approach, engage, and ultimately close deals with them. She delves into the psyche of the corporate decision-makers, and the environment they operate in, offering a roadmap for the reader to navigate the complex structures within large corporations.

The second segment of this enriching guide zeroes in on practical techniques. From recognizing the significance of targeted value propositions to building relationships with key gatekeepers, Konrath underscores the importance of preparation, research, and a differentiated approach. Her candid observations provide a vivid portrayal of the difficulties involved, while her tactical guidance offers clear pathways to overcome these challenges. The book is an essential guide for anyone seeking to connect with and sell to large organizations.

Konrath's methodology draws on real-world case studies, offering insights into how other sales professionals have successfully penetrated big companies. Her writing resonates with both the beginner and seasoned salesperson, highlighting the common misconceptions about selling to large corporations and the tools needed to break those barriers. The emphasis on understanding the decision-making process within big companies adds an analytical edge to the book, allowing readers to dissect and understand what makes large corporations tick.

The fourth and final section of the general overview serves as a wake-up call to sales professionals who might be stuck in old-fashioned selling methods. Jill Konrath does not shy away from challenging conventional thinking. Her innovative strategies require a complete mindset shift, including embracing new technologies and leveraging personal branding. By instilling a...

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