Smart Until It's Dumb: Why artificial intelligence keeps making epic mistakes (and why the AI bubble will burst)

By: Emmanuel Maggiori

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In the midst of an explosive artificial intelligence revolution, this book offers a candid look at the technological marvel that is AI. Since the early 2010s, AI has seeped into our daily routines, often operating silently in the background. From personalized advertisements on social platforms to the unseen algorithms optimizing logistics, AI's influence is pervasive. Companies are pouring vast sums into AI research, especially in sectors like autonomous vehicles, and governments are not lagging, providing generous funding to AI-driven initiatives. Every day, AI makes headlines, whether it's about life-saving innovations or potential risks to our livelihoods. This dual nature of AI – its immense promise coupled with its inherent dangers – forms the core of this book.

The Machine Learning Era


The genesis of modern AI can be traced back to advances in machine learning. The algorithms that learn from data have transformed how we perceive and utilize AI. Whether it's the recommendations on our favorite streaming services or predictive texting on our smartphones, machine learning algorithms are hard at work, making our lives more convenient. These algorithms, however, are not without their flaws. By relying on vast amounts of data, they are susceptible to the biases present in that data, leading to potential misjudgments.

Creative Analogy: Imagine a young child learning to speak. They mimic the words they hear most often. If they only hear positive words, they'll speak positively. Similarly, machine learning algorithms mimic the data they're fed. Feed them biased data, and they'll produce biased results.

Consider the Implications: Think about the times you've relied on an AI recommendation. Whether choosing a movie or purchasing a product, have you ever wondered how the AI decided what to suggest? It's a reflection of the data it has been trained on.

Incorporating the Learning: Being aware of the streng...

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