Surrounded by Idiots: The Four Types of Human Behavior and How to Effectively Communicate with Each in Business (and in Life)

By: Thomas Erikson

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Ah, humans! Our spectrum of behaviors is vast, yet Thomas Erikson, in "Surrounded by Idiots," distills us down to four relatable types. With a playful twist, Erikson has associated each behavior type with a color - red, yellow, green, and blue. Each hue represents not only behavioral patterns but also our individual strengths and challenges in interpersonal interactions. Peeling back the layers of our psyche, this enlightening read draws a colorful roadmap for better understanding our colleagues, friends, and ourselves. It's not just about pinpointing 'who is what color,' but also about leveraging this understanding to foster productive communication in business and life.

Red - The Dominant Type


The Red personality type, as depicted by Erikson, exudes dominance. These individuals are assertive, competitive, and goal-oriented. They thrive in leadership positions, are impatient, and focus heavily on results. At times, they may seem aggressive, but it's their natural way of pushing boundaries and achieving milestones.

Imagine a roaring lion, ruler of the savannah, confident and untamed. The Red individuals share the same fervor and drive. Both are leaders, both demand respect, and both, while intimidating, are essential for the natural order of things.

Ever felt that rush to lead a team, to make decisions without hesitation, or to take risks? That's the Red in you echoing its dominance. It's a call to embrace the leader within, to harness that assertive energy and to channel it productively.

Now, think of the boardroom. The next time you're negotiating or driving a tough bargain, tap into the Red energy. Understand its power, respect its presence in others, and align your communication to be assertive yet respectful. It’s not about bulldozing but about leading with confidence and clarity.

Yellow - The Inspirational Type

Meet the Yellows: sociable, enthusiastic, and animated. They're the life of ...

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