The 25 Sales Skills: They Don't Teach at Business School

By: Stephan Schiffman

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In the vast sea of business literature, Stephan Schiffman's "The 25 Sales Skills: They Don't Teach at Business School" is like a lighthouse for the aspiring salesperson, illuminating pathways in the stormy waters of the sales world. It's no surprise, however, given that sales is often seen as a game of instinct, intuition, and charisma, an art rather than a discipline. Schiffman effectively debunks this myth, arguing that sales, like any other profession, can be taught, learned, and mastered. By diving deep into these overlooked skills, he shines a spotlight on the various strategies, techniques, and methods that aren't typically covered in mainstream business curriculum, emphasizing the importance of honing these skills for success in sales.

Have you ever wondered why some salespeople seem to effortlessly close deals while others struggle? Schiffman's insight provides a roadmap, highlighting areas that often go unnoticed. Think of sales as a dance. Most people focus on the steps, but the magic lies in the pauses, the rhythm, and the connection with the partner. Schiffman's book is all about those intricacies that make a good dancer great, or in this case, a good salesperson exceptional.

Before jumping headfirst into the world of sales, it's essential to arm oneself with more than just product knowledge and a charming personality. Knowledge is power, and in this book, Schiffman equips readers with a toolkit filled with the nuances of successful selling. So, imagine for a moment, setting out on a journey with a map that has hidden routes and shortcuts only known to a few. This book is that secret map, revealing the nooks and crannies of the sales journey, ensuring you reach your destination faster and more efficiently.

But let's not reduce Schiffman's work to mere tips and tricks. It's a mindset shift, a paradigm change in how we view sales. It urges readers to look beyond the transactional nature of the job and delve deeper into the psychology, the strat...

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