The 6 Types of Working Genius

By: Patrick Lencioni

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In "The 6 Types of Working Genius" by Patrick Lencioni, readers are introduced to a revolutionary approach towards understanding work preferences and strengths. Lencioni, with his characteristic blend of insight and practicality, argues that everyone possesses a unique combination of what he terms 'Working Geniuses' - innate abilities that shape how we approach work and collaboration. The book is a journey through these six geniuses, offering a fresh perspective on team dynamics and personal fulfillment.

Lencioni's first genius is the 'Wonder'. This type is marked by a natural curiosity and the ability to question the status quo. They excel in environments where questioning and exploration are encouraged. The Wonder sees potential and possibilities, often being the source of innovation and change in a team. Their role is crucial in the early stages of problem-solving, providing the spark that ignites the team's creative process.

The second genius, 'Invention', complements the Wonder. Inventors are the creators, the ones who turn the Wonder’s questions into tangible ideas and solutions. They thrive in unstructured, brainstorming environments where their creativity is not just welcomed, but essential. Inventors are the heart of innovation, bringing abstract concepts into the realm of reality.

Moving from ideation to action, the 'Discernment' genius is next. These individuals have an intuitive understanding of ideas and solutions, able to sift through options and identify the most viable ones. They are the team's compass, guiding decisions with their insightful judgments and often unspoken understanding of the subtleties in situations.

The fourth genius, 'Galvanizing', brings energy and momentum. Galvanizers are the motivators, the ones who rally the team and drive action. They shine in roles where enthusiasm and the ability to inspire others are key. Their ability to communicate and excite others about ideas and plans is invaluable in transforming plans...

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