The Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later

By: Pete Barry

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Stepping into the world of "The Advertising Concept Book" by Pete Barry, we journey through the essence of advertising, not merely as a field, but as an art form that transcends mere selling. Barry offers a fresh perspective, asking readers to first think deeply before leaping into design. This paradigm shift, placing the core idea at the center, revolutionizes the traditional process of ad creation. Marrying psychology, artistry, and strategy, this book becomes more than a guide; it's a beacon for all creatives in the vast ocean of commercial communication.

Have you ever gazed at a blank canvas, knowing that beneath its surface lies a masterpiece waiting to be brought to life? Barry's approach to advertising is akin to this. The canvas is the market, and the masterpiece is the idea, with colors and brushes representing the design elements that will later give it form. By first honing in on the idea, the artist—here, the advertiser—ensures the final product is not just aesthetically pleasing but profoundly impactful.

"Where does one start?" you might ponder. Barry doesn't merely throw information at you. Instead, he poses provocative questions, luring you into a Socratic dialogue with yourself, coaxing out the answers that reside deep within. Through this engaging conversation, you unearth the true potential of your creative spirit.

And oh, what a joy it is to read! Every page feels like a chat with a close friend over coffee, where Barry's humor sprinkles in like sugar, adding sweetness to deep insights, making the journey not just enlightening but utterly delightful.

The Power of Ideas


Barry underscores the sheer might of a compelling idea. More than flashy designs or jingles, it's the core concept that makes an advertisement resonate. Just like the heart in a living being, the idea pumps life into an ad campaign, making it memorable and effective.

Ever seen a child use a cardboard box to bui...

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