The Choice Factory: 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy

By: Richard Shotton

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The Choice Factory: 25 behavioural biases that influence what we buy by Richard Shotton explores the fascinating world of behavioral biases and their profound influence on our purchasing decisions. Dive deep into the myriad of cognitive forces at play, with captivating real-world examples that shed light on the complexity of the human psyche. Did you know that your purchasing decisions aren't solely based on rational thought? As it turns out, hidden influences can often drive you to buy without you even realizing it. With a blend of psychology and marketing insights, Shotton introduces readers to 25 powerful biases that shape our choices, even in the most mundane situations.

Let's imagine shopping as a journey through a mystical forest. Each tree symbolizes a different product, and the path you take depends on various signs and creatures (biases) influencing your direction. Some trees look more appealing because a certain bird (bias) sings near them. Meanwhile, others are overshadowed by fog (another bias), making them less attractive. This forest embodies the market, and the biases are the unseen forces determining which trees (products) we approach and ultimately choose.

Considering yourself as a consumer, ever wonder why you picked that specific brand of cereal or why you chose that movie over another? It might be because of a hidden bias pulling the strings behind the scenes. Those vibrant colors, that catchy jingle, or even the store layout might be playing a significant role in your choices, more than you'd ever imagined. It’s a dance of external factors and internal biases, choreographed to lead you towards certain products and services.

By understanding these biases, you're not just gaining insight into your own behavior but also unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge useful for any career, especially in marketing and sales. Recognize the anchors that set your expectations or the power of social proof that pushes you towards popular choices. Whe...

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