The New Social Learning

By: Marcia Conner, Tony Bingham

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The book "The New Social Learning" by Marcia Conner isn't just a manual but a voyage through the digital synergy of social media and professional development. Imagine, if you will, a world where learning is as natural as breathing, and as social as a morning coffee with friends. Conner presents this not as a utopian ideal, but as a tangible, achievable reality, where social tools and platforms are leveraged to enhance learning, collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the workplace. The author deftly weaves together an intricate tapestry, showing how isolated learning experiences of the past have been transcended by dynamic, socially-connected, and real-time knowledge acquisition.

However, this book doesn't just extol the virtues of social learning, it dives into the heart of the matter. Marcia Conner challenges traditional educational models, emphasizing that in our rapidly evolving world, standalone learning is as outdated as dial-up internet. She showcases how integrating learning with daily routines transforms it from a static, scheduled event to a dynamic, continuous process. With compelling case studies and real-life examples, Conner demonstrates that social learning isn't a break from work, but the bridge linking personal growth to organizational success.

Yet, the journey doesn't stop at the "why"; it excavates the "how" with equal vigor. "The New Social Learning" serves as a compass, guiding institutions through the uncharted waters of organizational social learning. It doesn't shy away from the hurdles, addressing potential resistance, privacy concerns, and the misconception of social platforms being mere distractions. The author asserts that when properly utilized, social learning opens floodgates of collaborative intellect and innovation.

Interestingly, Conner also spotlights the role of leaders in this transformative journey. The narrative details how leadership is no longer about directives from the summit, but guidance through the forest of ...

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