The Sandler Rules: 49 Timeless Selling Principles and How to Apply Them

By: David Mattson

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Diving deep into the vast ocean of sales techniques, "The Sandler Rules" by David Mattson provides a compass for navigating the complex world of selling. The book offers 49 golden principles that, when embraced, can transform a novice into a sales maestro. Rather than presenting these rules as mere edicts, Mattson embeds them in real-world scenarios, bringing them alive with stories and anecdotes. This not only aids in grasping the essence of each principle but also illustrates its practical application in diverse sales situations. If you've ever wondered why some salespeople make it look so easy while others struggle, the secrets lie within these pages. Drawing on timeless wisdom, Mattson's work stands as a beacon for all those who wish to excel in the sales arena.

Don't Sell To Unqualified Leads


In "The Sandler Rules", Mattson emphasizes the futility of trying to sell to unqualified leads. Time, after all, is a salesperson’s most valuable commodity. Pursuing prospects without the means or intent to buy is analogous to trying to fill a sieve with water – effort-intensive and fruitless. Ever tried fitting a square peg into a round hole? That's the predicament many salespeople find themselves in when they chase unqualified leads. Instead of a smooth fit, they meet resistance at every turn, draining their energy and enthusiasm. Recognize the landscape you're traversing. If you're a mountain climber, would you invest time climbing a hill? Similarly, in sales, it's pivotal to ascertain early on whether a lead aligns with what you offer. To harness this idea in your career and life, consider the concept of 'qualifying'. Just as you'd qualify leads in sales, apply the same principle in daily decision-making. Focus energies on tasks and people that align with your goals and values.

No Mutual Mystification

Mattson stresses the importance of clear communication in sales, emphasizing the avoidance of mutual mys...

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