By: Bradford Smart

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Ah, "Topgrading" by Bradford Smart! The book is a guiding star for hiring managers and those in HR. It's about the methodology behind hiring the best talent and ensuring that the hiring process is both efficient and effective. Here’s a dive into its depths:

Topgrading: Bradford Smart’s magnum opus is an intriguing navigation through the labyrinth of hiring practices. He breaks the myth that only a few good apples exist in the sea of candidates, introducing readers to the strategy that ensures a whopping 90% success in hiring top talent. Smart's approach isn't just about finding top talent, it's also about retaining them, nurturing their growth, and ensuring they contribute valuably to the organization.

Picture this: The hiring process in most organizations is like throwing darts blindfolded, hoping to hit the bull's eye. In Topgrading, Smart removes that blindfold, allowing businesses to take precise, well-aimed shots, thus ensuring a better hiring success rate. He delves deep, weaving facts, real-world case studies, and decades of research to offer a treasure trove of hiring wisdom.

Have you ever pondered what could be the tangible costs of a mis-hire? Smart goes beyond the surface, unraveling the hidden costs associated with wrong hiring decisions, emphasizing not just financial repercussions but the ripples it sends through the entire organization, affecting morale, productivity, and overall growth.

Finally, the real juice of the book lies in its actionable strategies. It's not just about identifying problems but about offering real, concrete solutions. Topgrading isn’t just a hiring strategy; it's a cultural shift, a movement aimed at organizational excellence and consistent growth.

The Cost of Mis-Hire


The cost of a mis-hire can be astronomical. When an organization hires the wrong person, it's not just the salary or the training costs that go down the drain. The real cost includes lost...

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