Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust

By: Chris Brogan, Julien Smith

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Navigating through the vast labyrinth of the digital world, Brogan and Smith's masterpiece stands as a beacon, illuminating the art of cultivating trust online. "Trust Agents" isn't merely a manual, it's an odyssey through the corridors of the World Wide Web, revealing the nooks and crannies of reputation management. Ever thought of the internet as a massive cocktail party? Picture it: a setting where genuine conversations thrive, and authentic relationships are born. But, in such a space, how do you rise above the cacophony? How does one not merely attend but become the life of this party?

Enter the Trust Agents. They are the digital wizards, the whisperers of the virtual realm, the champions of authenticity. With each byte of data, these mavens craft narratives, spin webs of influence, and earn the golden currency: trust. This currency isn't minted in virtual coin factories but is a product of consistent, genuine, and value-driven online interactions. In a world dominated by fleeting tweets and flashy videos, Trust Agents recognize the perennial power of human connection and harness it efficiently.

But, who are these agents, and what sorcery do they employ? They're among us, sometimes in plain sight, at other times concealed in the shadows of algorithms. The book peels back the layers of the digital onion, revealing the core principles that guide these maestros. It's an invitation, a clarion call for every netizen to elevate from mere users to genuine contributors, to transition from passive observers to active trust agents.

Brogan and Smith don't just pontificate from their digital pulpits; they delve deep, offering tangible, actionable insights. They urge readers to abandon the old paradigms of faceless interaction, to embrace the digital age's human side, and to become a bridge, not a barrier. Their message is clear: In the age of information, trust isn't just an asset; it's the asset.

The Six Archetypes of Trust Agents


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