Value-Added Selling: How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value, Not Price 3/e

By: Tom Reilly

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Value-Added Selling: How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value, Not Price 3/e is a tour-de-force by the renowned Tom Reilly. This groundbreaking text defies the common approach of price-centered selling by advocating for a focus on value instead. With every turn of the page, Reilly illuminates the universe of sales with star-like wisdom, proving that the magic isn't in slashing prices, but in elevating value. Painting vivid pictures of success stories and drawing on empirical evidence, Reilly convinces us that true sales prowess lies in understanding what customers truly value.

Remember the story of David and Goliath? Just like David didn't triumph by mimicking Goliath's size and strength but by using his own unique strengths, this book advocates for finding the unique value in what you're selling rather than merely playing the price war. Price wars are the towering Goliaths of the sales world, seemingly unbeatable. However, the sling and stone of 'value-added selling' can topple this giant, leading to lasting sales victories.

Have you ever felt the rush of standing at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take? The world of sales is filled with such moments. Selling based on price is the well-trodden path, the one most traveled. But Reilly beckons you to take the road less traveled: the value-driven path. Here, rather than racing to the bottom, you ascend to new heights, building stronger, more enduring relationships with customers.

While sales often feels like a game of numbers, it's so much more. It's a dance, a rhythm between the seller and buyer. Both are in search of value, and Reilly's book is the maestro guiding this dance. Just as the most enchanting tunes remain etched in memory, the practices of value-added selling ensure your offerings remain unforgettable in the minds of customers.

The Value-Driven Approach


Tom Reilly introduces readers to a sa...

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