Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity

By: Avinash Kaushik

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In a world awash with data, "Web Analytics 2.0" by Avinash Kaushik emerges as a beacon, shining a light on how to understand and harness online information. Within its pages, readers are whisked away on a journey through the vast landscape of digital analytics. The book bridges the gap between the art of online accountability and the science of customer centricity. The result is a holistic guide that urges businesses to think deeper, act smarter, and place the customer at the very heart of their digital strategies.

Imagine navigating the digital world without a compass. Many find themselves lost in the vast sea of numbers and charts. Yet, Kaushik's insights offer a lifeboat. By weaving together case studies, practical applications, and his own expertise, he crafts a map that leads businesses out of confusion and towards online success. The narrative is speckled with humor and wit, making the complex world of analytics not only digestible but enjoyable.

Have you ever felt that pang of frustration when your online efforts seem to vanish into the void? This book challenges you to reconsider the metrics you prioritize. It encourages introspection: Are you focusing on data that truly matters? Or are you getting distracted by mere numbers? Remember, in the grand tapestry of the web, it's not about quantity but the quality of engagement.

Adopting Kaushik's teachings might just revolutionize your online endeavors. Imagine a world where every decision you make is informed by clear, relevant data. A world where your business grows not by accident, but by design. This book isn't just a guide; it's a tool, and with it, the power of the web can truly be harnessed.

Clicks, Bounces, and Beyond


The book dives right into the nitty-gritty of web analytics, beginning with the basic terms: clicks and bounces. But it's not just about counting visits. It's about understanding the journey of a user, the paths they tread...

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