Whale Hunting

By: Tom Searcy and Barbara Smith

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"Whale Hunting" by Tom Searcy and Barbara Smith thrusts readers into the vast ocean of big sales, where 'whales' - or big, transformative deals - swim. In this realm, Searcy and Smith equip businesses with harpoons of wisdom to not just land the occasional big fish but to systematically locate, pursue, and catch these monumental opportunities. Like the Inuit people of old, who mastered whale hunting for survival, companies must learn these skills to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

The authors don't just regale us with tales from the high seas; they dive into the intricacies of the hunt. From assembling a diverse crew of professionals to navigating the deep waters of corporate decision-making, "Whale Hunting" transcends simple sales strategies. It presents a cultural shift, advocating for a communal approach over the lone-wolf methodology that pervades the sales world. The hunt, in this sense, becomes less of a pursuit and more of a dance, requiring grace, planned choreography, and mutual respect between hunter and hunted.

Yet, "Whale Hunting" is more than a strategy; it's a philosophy. Searcy and Smith challenge businesses to expand their horizons beyond safe shores. To catch a whale, one must venture into deeper, more treacherous waters, confronting internal fears and external challenges. Companies are encouraged to build robust ships (structures), capable of withstanding the mighty waves of market forces, and to forge harpoons (strategies) strong enough to penetrate the tough skin of the largest deals.

Despite its title, the heart of "Whale Hunting" isn't about the kill; it's about the journey. The thrill, the authors suggest, lies in the chase, the preparation, the camaraderie amongst the crew, and the profound understanding of the quarry. Success, they argue, comes from respecting this process, understanding the whale, and in the quiet reflection after the hunt — analyzing what went right, what went wrong, and how to improve for the nex...

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